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St. Juan Diego Sticker 10-pack

St. Juan Diego Sticker 10-pack

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Embrace the humble spirit of St. Juan Diego with our captivating sticker featuring his words, "I am a nobody. I am a small rope, a tiny ladder, the tail end, a leaf." Despite his humble status, the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego several times which eventually led to a pivotal moment where the imprint of Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared on his tilma (a cloak-like garment worn over the body). This led to the conversion of millions to Christianity in the Americas. The same tilma remains on display in the basilica in Mexico City, with several miracles attributed to it. 

This beautiful sticker serves as a daily reminder of the power of humility and faith in God’s plan. Stick it on your laptop, water bottle, or journal to ask for his intercession wherever you go. As the patron for the pilgrimage route starting in Brownsville, Texas and ending in Indianapolis, Indiana, this sticker of St. Juan Diego is a visual reminder to grow in our faith as we embark on this Eucahristic Revival.

This sticker measures 3.5 x 2.5 inches.

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